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Hitch-Hike (1977)

1977 English. 104 Min.
Rating: 7

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Walter Mancini is a egostical newspaper editor whom is driving across California with his spiteful wife, Eve, on a weekend getaway to save their troubled marriage. But things take a turn when they pick up a straded motorist, named Adam, whom takes them hostage revealing himself to be a fugitive running from both the police and his two acomplices after robbing a bank and making off with all the loot. But things are not always as they seem as Walter and Eve try to find a way to not only get rid of their unwanted car guest, but find a way to deal with each other when both see the tempting offer of the stolen $2 million in cash Adam always has on him..



Aldo Crudo (screen treatment), Peter Kane (novel), Ottavio Jemma (screenplay), Aldo Crudo (screenplay), Pasquale Festa Campanile (screenplay)


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